Workout 1

By Adam Holt | August 11, 2020

Cardio 10 minutes warm-up2 minutes hard – so that it is difficult to sing a song at the end of the two minutes, but you can still talk1 minute easy – walking is okrepeat the 2/1 for a total of 8 rounds10 minutes cool-down Strength 21-15-9 Perform 21 repetitions of Ground-to-Overhead (see youtube video for […]

Workout 2

By Adam Holt | July 27, 2020

Cardio Get moving for 30 minutes! Walk, run, ride a bike, canoe, fly, skip… truly anything. 1/4 mile repeats until you reach 30 minutes. I want your first 1/4 mile to be a hard effort – one that you could maintain for a mile, but not much longer. Your second 1/4 mile will be easy […]